Monday, July 3, 2017


I have always been scared of introducing myself. When meeting new people, this fear usually manifests itself in one of two ways:

A. needlessly drifting around the outskirts of social settings like a ghost someone has invited by accident, casting wistful smiles out windows with the curtains already drawn over them, and finally stealing pretzels to scarf down in the bathroom


B. rattling off my life story with all the absurd confidence and gusto of a high-powered android that has doused her circuitry in gallons of caffeine, who still steals the pretzels and devours them in the bathroom, this time whilst having an existential crisis

And thus, writing this introductory post has inspired electric panic in me. But. In an attempt to reconcile both ghost and android selves... (what am I even talking about anymore), I would like to say... (ellipsis punctuated by a thud-thud-THUD in my chest)

Welcome. My name is Noel Wallace and I have been writing all my life. This site will contain news and links to all my works, as well as essays, thoughts, and casual entries. I look forward to sharing all these things with readers old and new alike.

There now, it's finished. Thank goodness. That took more backspacing than you will ever know.

But I must recognize one upside to my much-dreaded introductions; that being after they end, the adventures can truly begin.

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