Translated by Noel Wallace

曇ったガラス 指でなぞると ちょっと
山あいから 灰色の雲 そっと

As I trace my fingers over the clouded glass - just a little...
From the ravine an ash-gray cloud - softly...

目をそらさずに ここにいよう
忘れていた 雨の色も 見えてくるよ

Without averting our eyes, let's stay right here
We'll be able to see even the forgotten color of the rain 

西側の方 時報によりそう echo
雨粒のdot 偶然鳴らした chord
あの歌はきっと 街にもまれ rit
まばたき ひとつの間に聞こえた oto

From the west, a signal aligns and echoes
A raindrop dot, a chord played by accident
That melody is a rit nestled in the palms of the city
A sound heard in the span of one blink

耳ふさがずに ここにいよう
ふっともらした ため息さえ
今ならきっと わかると思う
前よりずっと わかると思うよ

Without closing our ears, let's stay right here
Alongside even the sighs we let escape
And now, I understand
I understand, so much more than before


Chihayafuru, the dance of the capital is forever singing of trivialities 
Those who traverse this sky scented with dreams, floating in the wind
Chihayafuru, the dance of the capital is forever singing of trivialities
The rapid waves and flowing days, coming and going like the falling rain

目をそらさずに ここにいよう
ぼやっとしていた 視点が今 あってゆくよ

Without averting our eyes, let's stay right here
Our unsteady gazes are now coming into focus...

気がつけばもう 握ってたお茶は ちょっと

Before I realized it, the handle of the cup I clutched - just a little...

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